General information about children and related topics

Child protection and safety

Information System Authority

Ministry of Social Affairs “Children and Families"

Ministry of Social Affairs

Estonian Union for Child Welfare

NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare

Project: Targalt internetis

Smarter Internet use by children and their parents


A channel for Internet users to provide information about material being distributed online which depicts illegal content

Estonian Parents Association

MTÜ Perede ja laste nõuandekeskus

Ministry of the Interior

The duty of the Ombudsman for Children is to protect and promote rights of children

Minu laps portaal

News on child related topics

Web-Constables Veebikonstaablid

Police officers working online

"Päriselt ka või?

Promoting awareness of youth on matters related to the use of smart devices

Ava silmad

Signs of abuse, myth and facts, what to do

Missing Children Hotline 116 000

Educational portal

Educational portal

Wellbeing through better education

Web-based learning environments developed by the Science Education Centre.

University of Tartu, Department of  Natural Science

School Geography Website Kooligeograafia kodulehekülg

University of Tartu, Department of Geography

Estonian Physics Portal Eesti füüsika portaal

Estonian Society of Physics

Study Counselling Centres

Tallinn Study Counselling Centre

Harju County Study Counselling Centre

Association of Municipalities of the Lääne-Viru County

Võru Youth Centre

Saaremaa Study Counselling Centre

Internet Safety Websites

Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Police and Border Guard Board, national Child Helpline Service 116 111, Ministry of Social Affairs and Tiger Leap Foundation

Finnish Information Security Association (project) Web Constable

Webmaster: Police and Border Guard Board

Child and working

Ministry of Social Affairs

Work safety guidelines for minors – all that you have to know before starting work:

Social pedagogues

Estonian Association of Social Pedagogues

State authorities

Ministry of Social Affairs,

Ministry of Social Affairs,

Ministry of Education and Research,

Estonian Youth Work Centre,

National Institute for Health Development,

Crisis counselling

MTÜ Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm, NGO Crisis Programme for Children and Youth


MTÜ Eluliin

Forums and contact counselling

MTÜ Perekoolitusühing Sina ja Mina; Estonian Psychology Students’ Association (EPSÜ); Tallinn University, Department of Psychology; University of Tartu, Department of Psychology; Academy Nord

Sex and sexuality

Webmaster: Estonian Sexual Health Association

Narcotic substances

Webmaster: National Institute for Health Development


Webmaster: National Institute for Health Development


Webmaster: Lasteveeb OÜ

Information about friends from TV, Website of the Estonian Radio and TV

Webmaster: Estonian Broadcasting Company

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