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Boy who is studying


When learning is hard...

School plays a big role in your life - in addition to acquiring knowledge, a school is a place where you communicate a lot with peers, friends, and adults. People who differ from each other in terms of their desires, values, and abilities come together at school. It can be a good challenge sometimes! With all this, it is important that you feel good at school.

Learning can be a lifelong challenge. Perhaps by now, you have already gone through quite a long school journey and know which subjects are easier for you and which ones you need to work harder on. Hopefully, you have received support on this journey or discovered how to deal with challenges. Stress, for a variety of reasons, can make it difficult to focus, study, and find motivation.

Learning new things can occasionally also be difficult. People have very different abilities and use different ways to learn; for example, one person remembers information better by listening, while another by writing it down. It is natural that some things come easier to you, and you have to work harder on others.

Learning difficulties can manifest in poor grades and failure. This may be due to difficulty in acquiring skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. These skills are necessary to do well in school. However, if the problem is spotted in good time and help is made available to you or your friend, learning difficulties can be prevented from getting worse, or, for example, behavior problems that can be accompanied by constant failure can be avoided.

In case of learning difficulties, help is provided by a special pedagogue who uses such teaching methods that further support the child in acquiring skills.

Do you have a hard time concentrating on your studies? Are you trying hard but not getting the results you want? Do you feel like you can't take it anymore?

Child Helpline is there for you - call or write, and we can find solutions together!

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