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A child in need of assistance and a child in danger

A child in need of assistance is a child whose well-being is threatened or for whom suspicion has arisen regarding their abuse, neglect, or other situation that violates the rights of the child and a child whose behavior threatens their own or another person's well-being. According to § 27 subsections 1 and 2 of the Child Protection Act, all persons who have knowledge of a child in need of assistance are required to notify of the child in need of assistance. A child in need of assistance must be immediately notified to the local government or to the child helpline service 116 111.

A child in need of assistance is:

  • a child who is uncared for (unwashed, unfed, lacks weather-appropriate clothing);

  • a child who is left unsupervised (e.g., a toddler walks around a shopping center without a parent, a child is home alone or out late);

  • a child who is in trouble at school and it is difficult for the family to cope with them;

  • a child with special needs who have not received help;

  • a child whose behavior has changed or who has difficulty coping with their feelings;

  • a child who has experienced bad treatment (harassment, bullying, humiliation, hitting, pushing);

  • a child who uses addictive substances;

  • a child whose body shows signs of violence;

  • a child who has had suicidal thoughts or intentionally harms themselves.

A child in danger is a child who is in a situation that threatens their life or health and a child whose behavior threatens the life or health of themselves or others. All persons who have information about a child in danger have an obligation to report a child in danger. A child in danger must be reported immediately to emergency number 112.

A child in danger is:

  • a young child who is left unattended;

  • a child who has run away from home;

  • a child who has committed an offense;

  • a minor who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • a child who is severely malnourished;

  • a child who is a victim of violence;

  • a child who has intentionally injured or harmed themselves;

  • a child who wants to take their own life or constantly thinks about it.

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