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How to help a child who has a worry?

Anxious events can trigger difficult thoughts and feelings in children. As adults, we are the greatest role models for children – it is from us that they learn various coping mechanisms. It's important that we know how to manage our emotions, because only then can we provide support and assistance to the child when needed.

Here are eight helpful tips for teaching a child to cope with negative thoughts and emotions:

  • Be there for the child – listen to them and support them.
  • Create a safe environment where the child feels comfortable sharing their feelings.
  • Avoid judgments, instead affirm the child – all feelings are allowed and important.
  • Explain to the child different ways to cope with emotions.
  • Teach the child to calm down – do breathing and relaxation exercises together.
  • Guide the child to think about solutions and possibilities.
  • Strengthen the child's self-esteem by emphasizing their strengths.
  • If the child's worry is very intense, long-lasting, or disrupts the child's daily life, seek professional help for them.

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