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Activities for self-support

  • Write everything out. Let the feelings and thoughts flow onto paper - exactly as they want to come at the moment. In this way, anxiety can be replaced by peace of mind.
  • Nature is caressing! Rumble in the leaves, roll a snowball, pick flowers, or splash in the seawater - fresh air and being in nature will help you get back in touch with yourself.
  • Take a moment to breathe. Close your eyes and think about nothing. Just breathe, feel the air move, and your body relax.
  • When you are physically active, your body starts producing happiness hormones, and the result is a better feeling. So keep your running shoes handy!
  • Sharing always helps - it's good to be able to vent your tensions to a safe and supportive companion. You will then see everything more clearly again.
  • Dance! Turn up the music, and immerse yourself in the sounds and rhythms. Focus all your attention on how your body moves. You will soon feel the corners of your mouth rise.
  • A cold shower or refreshing bath helps to clear the mind. In the cool water, all the annoying thoughts disappear, and the attention is focused on the moment you are in.
  • Dare to occasionally be silly and childish - nothing improves the mood better than jokes, laughter, and fun!
  • A deep sleep creates a new beginning, as it were - you feel fresh and rested, and you see the world in brighter colors.
  • Hug! The physical proximity of another person has a wonderful power - soon you will feel how your worries disappear, and you will feel loads better! 

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